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the discipleship journey

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We're all on a journey. Where are you on your journey with God? At Wallace, we want to help you move along this path and ultimately be a disciple who makes disciples. 


A-Group: Anyone

This is where everyone starts. You were either here once before knowing Jesus or you know people in the Anyone group.


B-Group: Big Group

The goal is to move from the "Anyone" group to the Big Group. This is going and inviting Anyone and bringing them into the "Big" Group.  It's easy to invite someone to Worship with you as a part of the Big just have to go do it.


C-Groups: Connect Groups

Connect Groups are where life happens within the church and where you build relationships with others. We believe it's within these Connect Groups you will make genuine connections with others while you study the Word and live life together.


D-Groups: Discipleship Groups

As you move along the Discipleship Journey, involvement in a small group is necessary to take the next steps into a deeper relationship with Jesus. D-Groups are small groups consisting of 3-5 people of the same gender who are walking this life together and encouraging one another as you grow in your relationship with Jesus. These groups promote accountability and spiritual growth.

E-Teams: Evangelism Teams

Evangelism Teams are where The Discipleship Journey comes full circle. The goal of these teams is to identify people groups or places which are a natural part of the rhythm of your life to use your time with these groups to share the gospel with them.  This is the believer diving back into the A-Group to share the gospel, invite, and bring them to church to start them on The Discipleship Journey.

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